If you are a fan of James Bond movie or novel, a British espionage agent, Ian Fleming’s creation from the UK, is synonymous with premium cars. In the two last film, Casino Royale (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008), agent 007 was driving a Aston Martin. Now, Bond has a new car Bentley Continental GT to make it looks more contain similar “tongkorongan” vehicle.

Substitution of the car occurred in the latest Bond novel entitled Carte Blanche author Jeffery Deaver’s work, which was launched by the publishers Hodder and Stoughton, UK, May 26, 2011. However, the introduction of a book first conducted in Dubai Festival City, United Arab Emirates, this week attended a special unit of the author and the Bentley Continental GT.

Maybe the car a secret agent looks nondescript, but it does not apply to Bond. Her whole body Bentley Continental GT dibalur white color combined striking blood red interior, in stark contrast. Cardiac pacemaker equipped with 6.0-liter W12 engine, capable of spraying a double Turbo power up to 567 bhp and 516 lb-ft of torque.

Usually all Bond cars have additional features ranging from machine guns, grenade launcher to camouflage capabilities (such as the chameleon-like that happened in the movie Die Another Day (2002). But, both Jeffery Deaver and Bentley still sealed on special bekalan. The company just convincing, the Continental GT will provide all the technology required in the Bond adventure in the “Carte Blanche”.

In the real world, the price of the Bentley Continental GT cars is 189,900 U.S. dollars

Behind the greatness of China’s auto sales in the last two years, comes a new phenomenon. Sales of luxury cars and supersport rose 60 percent last year: from 948 units (2009) to 1,500 units. For comparison, in the United States, a car worth 100,000 dollars pda sales rose 35 percent last year: from 6300 units (2009) to 8500 units.

Of the total, is still far away! But interestingly, as explained dealer that sells European supercar manufacturer in the country, many of those buyers are women. Well …!

Lily Liu, 44, a resident of Beijing, although in his home has been hanging out Porsche 911 Carrera S AG worth 1.2 million yuan (USD 1.64 billion) and Aston Martin, he still wants to buy another luxury car. Apparently, Lily Liu is President of a construction company.
She says she is very proud of the car supersportnya because the center of attention when more muter-muter around Beijing. “Cars tight identical with a man’s world. Women can also buy them. With this car, the status and capabilities of women with the same guy, “he commented.
Other facts, as released Hurun Research Institute in Shanghai, one third of China’s billionaires are women. They love expensive sports cars. According to Fiat SpA, the percentage of women buy a Maserati in China, three times in Europe. While Ferrari, twice the world average.