Once electric cars Leaf completed (but not yet produced), Nissan introduced a hybrid vehicle through Infiniti M35. Its merits, it is equipped luxury sedan care technology called the pedestrians approaching vehicle sound for pedestrians or VSP.

Thus, the VSP in the form of audio equipment will make a sound when the vehicle crossed the road. This system works with computer connectivity to vehicle audio system. Automatic car sound as the car sped out from 30 miles per hour and off (auto) now slows the speed of 25 km per hour.

Although simple, Infiniti became the first product in the world to implement such technology in environmentally friendly vehicles. Of course, it does show concern for Nissan to other road users.

Infiniti FX50 Vettel Edition – Infiniti FX50 concept of excellence and achievement terinsiprasi by Sebastian Vettel 24 years old at the F1 arena. The German rider who became the first Ambassador for Infiniti helped in designing this limited edition.

Principals in Japan is still keeping its amendment, including the technical as well. but, from this facelift model photo has a new grille design.

Another uniqueness appears on the front bumper with LED daylight lamp that uses carbon fiber material. The design mimics the F1 front wing. The use of carbon fiber materials are also found on the side skirts, rear spoiler and rear bumper.

While rail is still the same roof. Then there is the badge of Vettel on the front fenders and new wheels that use a larger tire sizes.

Infiniti FX50 Red Bull F1 Edition – Red Bull F1 team successfully won two races at the highest pole, the world champion driver and constructor, used very well by its sponsors. One of them, Infiniti, Nissan’s premium brand for the American market whose products are also marketed in Indonesia.

Last August, Infiniti has launched FX-50 model of the limited edition “Sebastian Vettel” with many changes leading to a more elegant form of sport. Change was seen in a given front bumper-spoiler lips, side skirts and rear spoiler that uses carbon fiber as well as other parts.

Infiniti FX50 edition of Sebastian Vettel is to welcome the success of the German rider in the championship crown for the second time in a row. When Red Bull won the constructors’ world championship, Infiniti FX50 launched a limited edition.

The difference with the model Vettel, who was introduced to the FX50 is the image of a Red Bull F1 car start number 1 (Vettel) on both sides. Not to mention the price, but 10 buyers in the UK would be awarded the factory tour.