Ferrari EGO Designed by The Italy Designer – The designers of the Car Body Design (CBD) that consists of Salvatore Simonetti, Massimiliano Pertachi, Vincenzo Morlino, and Luca Zunino imagine what kind of Ferrari has changed in the near future. They show that changes from scratches with colored pencils and renamed it the “Ferrari EGO (Emotional Generation One)“.

In their shadow, Ferrari EGO is a compact sports car that focuses on the emotional experience of driving combined with. Simonetti et al do not rule out a strong tradition of Ferrari, which is beauty. According to them, Ferrari supercar EGO is lighter for 2025.

Most of this concept is inspired by the “egg” which symbolizes that the car was selfish protected by a strong frame and body. Hence, for the body, the designers use of carbon composites.

Exterior appearance is strong enough to pull the line that rises to the top and has a function to channel the wind to the rear wheels. This section is inspired by models of Ferrari limited. Then, the next model is very prominent, especially the fender much higher than the front hood. Meanwhile, the rear spoiler and is dominated by a circular LED lamps, coupled with a diffuser that suggests that this supercar is very fierce.

Interestingly, from the design of children’s CBD, the movable aerodynamic devices, such as spoilers, wings, and certain parts that use gas. The goal, to improve traction.

The interior is not described in detail. Just mentioned, bucket seat models that use aluminum and carbon fiber.

Ferrari Cars in the Future – Ferrari held a global design contest which followed the designers from around the world. From some amazing concept, Ferrari Eternita work of students of Hongik University in South Korea is set as the winner.

Ferrari Eternita Hongik designed by three students, namely Dre Ahn, Cheong Ju Kim, and Lee Sahngseok. Their work is unique in the position where the rear wheels that cut deep into the body. While the front of the display of muzzle like a supercar with a high front wheel arches.

The second winner of the Istituto Europeo Xezri Ferrari in Design in Turin, Italy. The results of this painting Samir Sadikhov most conventional than the finalists by displaying simple lines. If viewed from the side, looked consistently smooth flowing curves, starting from the roof to the rear.

The third place concept Ferrari Cavallo Bianco dramatic, the results of a student’s hand scratches Henry Cole (England) and Qi Haitao (China) from the Royal College of Arts in London. Both take unlimited design philosophy of a conventional supercar.

Ferrari showed its newest product, the Ferrari Four (FF) on the internet. Occurrences FF answered the riddle and the curiosity of journalists, about 612 Scaglietti replacement.

Ferrari Four-called because this is the first hatchback with four seats and four-wheel (4WD) was born from the Prancing Horse’s headquarters in Maranello. Real figure this car will perform at the event pamerean car Geneva 2011.

Ferrari Four designed, both exterior and interior design by Pininfarina with the direction of Chief Design Ferrari Flavio Manzoni. The front is inspired by the 458 model with a slightly enlarged.

Ferrari Party called the FF is not an evolution but as a true revolution, with a special character that has never existed from the Ferrari family, have high performance with exceptional flexibility. The car also has the comfort and exceptional kenggunan. Then, ensure driver and passenger have driving experience.

It said a high-performance cars due equipped 6.25-liter V12 engine coupled with the F1 transmission 7-speed dual clutch. Power 650 bhp at 8000 rpm and 504 lb ft of torque at 5000 rpm. Can ngegut 0-100 km per hour in just 3.7 seconds with a maximum speed of 350 km per hour.

Although the capacity and power of the engine, its fuel consumption with 15.4 liters can travel a distance of 100 km. Quite economical for class size and the car had a stop-start feature which is claimed to save fuel consumption up to 10 percent.

Ferrari is often deliver cars to customers the world’s mainstay. Starting from Enzo to California. Now, for better feel the repercussions, Ferrari plans to build special cars for Japanese consumers.

In collaboration with Ferrari importer in Japan, Cornes & Co. will produce 10 units of Limited Edition Ferrari California. Special edition of the Ferrari California that will look fresh and certainly not off escape from the engine capacity of 4.3-liter V8 engine. V8 engines will be installed in California Ferrari Limited Edition has a touch different from the usual California version.

Likewise with the exterior and interior. Ferrari plans to apply enginehood made of carbon fiber, carbon fiber instrument panel and fuel tank cover typical Ferrari.

And more amazing is the new rims 5 spoke polished by diamonds and decorated with Prancing Horse logo are patented with bolts made of titanium, so the difference would be clearly felt.