Daihatsu A-Concept -Latest concept, a compact hatchback 5 passengers with names A-Concept. This car is directly introduced by Sudirman MR, President Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor danKoichi Ina, president of Daihatsu Motor Company (DMC), Japan.

Explained, A-Concept is the work of the sons and daughters of Indonesia with direct support from the Japanese technology. While the use of the letter A on the car as an early sign of beginning a new life of Indonesian society.

“This car was designed for the needs of Indonesian families,” said Sudirman. Because it is still in concept stage, Daihatsu has not given details of this car. From appearances, the A-Concept is very attractive, sporty and stylish, including the interior.

Sudirman MR when interviewed by reporters after unveiling the car it says A-Concept is not part of the project inexpensive and environmentally friendly car launched by the government. That’s why, when reporters asked if the car is later sold at Rp 90 million, Sudirman smile only.

“We’re waiting for government regulation. If you already have, then we decide, “he explained. Hence, until now Daihatsu can not ensure that the machine will use this car. “It could be 1,000 cc, 1,300 cc or 1,500 cc. Depending on market demand, “he said.

From the images shown, the interior of the A-Concept is also very interesting, using the LCD monitor screen in the middle, like most upscale cars today.

Daihatsu Sirion Femme Pink -Want to know one way to make women blush? They arrange a meeting with the Daihatsu Sirion Femme launched Indonesia PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM).

Its appearance is elegant and the outside in is guaranteed to make women blush. “It just really wants to understand women. So beliin want to directly ask,” said Rani, one of the Toyota booth visitors who witnessed the launch of this car as she blushed. The couple next to him in cash with a smile. Sirion Femme is one of the Sirion a special edition devoted exclusively to women.

According to Marketing Director, ADM, Amelia Tjandra, Sirion Femme deliberately presented to meet the demands of an energetic young woman and lived in urban areas.

“This city car that became our answer to the needs of housewives and career women’s singles,” he said. Previously, Toyota has held research that 45 percent of users Sirion to date is young career women and mothers of young families.

That’s why Toyota did not hesitate to give the best for women, the Sirion Femme. Feminine impression this car is instantly felt when looking at the physical Sirion Femme perform with style. The same is also done on the car’s interior with a touch of pink stripes on dark skin yan layering door trim and upholstery.

Also displayed floral that blends white and dark colors dominate the central area and the entire grip pintu.Tak forget, hobby shop women facilitated with hooks for hanging shopping bags or shopping bags in the rear seat left side.

Once purchased, consumers are also directly get the Kleenex boxes and bins little to help the car’s interior is always clean. Also a place to store shoes. “Usually the woman driver to use different shoes when menggemudi in the office,” said Amelia.

Besides pink, Daihatsu Sirion Daihatsu also provides white Femme

Daihatsu All New Sirion – After it was introduced to reporters, finally, on Saturday, July 23, 2011 Daihatsu Indonesia was officially launched its all-new Sirion in IIMS 2011. The launch process is rather interesting with the presence of icons “Joe the Plant” is dancing on stage. Funnily enough, dozens of dancers who were posing as visitors come to dance.

Sirion was first launched in Indonesia in April 2007 and suffered a minor change in October 2008, then launched a special edition in July 2010. Now, the second generation Daihatsu city car that enliven the national car market.

Amelia Tjandra, Marketing Director of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM), said the product is targeting the young executives with a choice of manual and automatic. “There are four colors, namely Mystical Purple Metallic, Midnight Black, Icy White Solid, and Noble Grey metallic,” said Amelia.

Both units are priced at Rp 139.5 million types of manual and automatic types of Rp 150.5 million on the road in Jakarta. Target of 500 units per month.