Chevrolet Spark Matik 2011 – GM AutoWorld Indonesia (GMAI) ended the promotional price for the Chevrolet Spark. When launched in IIMS 2010, last August the city car is priced at Rp139 million (manual) and Rp147 million (transformatic). Well, as of 1 November 2010 and the price is raised to Rp2 million for both.
“Just a Spark of rising prices. Now the price of the manual Spark transformatic 141 million and Rp149 million per unit,” said Debora Amelia Santoso, Director of Marketing and Public Relations GMAI in Jakarta, today.
From August to October 2010, Spark has sold 360 units. This amount exceeds the target set 30 units per month. In the last two months, sales of Spark is expected to rise above 200 units.
Spark A / T
Meanwhile, GMAI plans to add automatic transmission variant of Spark in the first quarter of next year. This new model will be more expensive dibandol Rp10 million or Rp151 million per unit.
“We try to get most late January or March next year. Although we have included the A / T, type Transformatic retained because the price is competitive and there is still demand from consumers,” said Amel.

Chevrolet Lova More Wanted for Taxis – At the end of 2010, PT GM AutoWorld Indonesia or GMAI continue to strengthen the fleet of taxis by increasing sales of the Chevrolet Lova to the market. At least 30 taxi companies spread across 15 cities in Indonesia have selected a small sedan that GM’s mainstay.

This time, GMAI will supply a total of 70 units to the Taxi Rina Rini at Flower City Bandung. “We were symbolically handed over to the CV 30 Chevrolet Lova Rina Rini and the second phase in December handed over 40 units will be back again,” said Arif Pramadana, Corporate Planning & Public Policy Director GMAI.

Chevrolet Lova start pushing sales in the domestic market, especially the commercial segment since 2008. Number has reached 419 units and contribute 16 percent of the total 2658 units. This contribution is increasing in the following year (2009) up to 512 units or 20 percent of 2616 units.

This year, the biggest spike occurred. Until the tenth month, the total units sold already touched 1234 units or 32 percent of 3912 units (January-October 2010).

Lova submission to the taxi company CV Rina Rini in Bandung, West Java, was witnessed by a representative authorized Chevrolet dealer in West Java, Bandung mainstay Chevy, Director of CV Djuraidah Neng Rina Rini, and H Bandung Mayor Dada Rosada.

“We believe Lova can provide substantial benefits to the business of transportation in Bandung since been proven to be good, as well as model and preferred the convenience of our customers,” said Neneng.

Chevrolet Sonic Replaces Aveo – Chevrolet Aveo certainly is replaced by a Sonic who has appeared at the Paris Motor Show last October. Geberal Motors (GM) has been showing his picture in the virtual world and ensure that began production in August 2011 at the Orion Assembly plant, Michigan, USA.

Sonic will be manufactured in hatchback and sedan form, complementing other existing models such as Spark and Cruze. Any marketing, such as in America will be added to Canada and Mexico. Being in Asia will be exported from South Korea and for some countries, the Aveo name still used.

“Sonic describe a new era of Chevrolet in the small car segment and it is time for a new name. This car is spacious, stylish, fun driven, youthful, and energetic reflect all the advantages of this car,” beber Chris Perry, Vice President Marketing Chevrolet U.S. as reported by Carscoop.

Until this news is spoken, there has been no complete description of Sonic, including technical specifications data.

Chevrolet Volt, The Best Green Car of The Year 2011 – Although not yet officially launched to the public, the Chevrolet Volt electric car has been named Green Car of the Year 2011 by Green Car Journal, the United States. This achievement won the first sedan “green” after defeating his rival GM Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, Hybrid and of course the Lincoln MKZ, Nissan Leaf.
“This award confirms Chevrolet team promises to provide a practical electric vehicle,” said Joel Ewanick, Vice President of Marketing for GM. “The transformation of the Volt technology will make our industry as a leader in the new world of electric vehicles,” he added.
For GM, this achievement is recorded for the second in a row, after the first year and given to the Chevrolet Tahoe 2-Mode Hybrid. For this year, received directly by the Ewanick penganugrahan after her drive as far as 3830 miles from Detroit to Los Angeles Auto Show with the Chevrolet Volt. Volt electric car also became the first to earn this title.
“This is something that has been long awaited,” said Ron Corgan, editor and publisher of Green Car Journal, the editor of “Electric cars have been tried marketed since the 1990s has been teasing us, but without a strong business support. Changes in a decade is so shocking,” he said.

Chevrolet Mi-ray, The Best Concept Car – Chevrolet newest concept cars on display at the Seoul Motor Show 2011 which took place at this time, the Mi-ray roadster concept car was selected as best by the media at the event. In this event, the exhibition committee invites journalists to choose a favorite car in three categories, namely Best Concept, Best Green Car (Green), and Best Passenger Cars.

Mi-ray to make debut or “world premiere” in Seoul, gets the most votes for the concept car. “This award is given to the Chevrolet concept car first exhibited in Korea,” commented President and CEO of GM Korea, Mike Arcamone about the win. “This car reflects the vision and new ideas Chevrolet in the future,” he added.

Draft Korea

Mi-ray is a concept car developed by Chevrolet at the Design Studio in Seoul. This car combines the latest hybrid technology and futuristic penampila, as well as symbols show the Chevrolet design vision for the future.

Added, Mi-ray is also continuing hallmark of Chevrolet sports cars, such as 1963 and Spada Monza Corvair Super Spyder in 1962. The roof can be opened, use the scissor doors, aerodynamic body features such as fighter aircraft today.

The result is a compact roadster with a futuristic design and unique. This concept car dimensions: length: 3991 mm, width 1865 mm and height 1110 m (very flat) and wheelbase 2375 mm.

Mi-Ray as a concept car called the Chevrolet “mid power” which maximizes the capabilities and efficiency. This car uses an electric motor when diugnakan in the city. So if you want to speed up, the car was directly operate the 1.5-liter gasoline engine, 4-cylinder turbocharged and an additional electric motor. Lainn Technology, which included the start-stop system to save fuel.

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