Self Driving Car Technology – Google Incorporated memperediksi car with the technology of “self-driving” (slef-driving) can be marketed in the United States in the coming years. Because the company known for its Internet search engine, start exploring some of the principal automotive to use this technology to mass.

“Most importantly, the car can be driven computers in the next 10 years,” commented Anthony Levandowski, Google Project Manager in Detroit. It is said, Google will offer the technology of “self-driving” starting next year.

“We do not yet know whether the technology is more secure than the man who was driving the car. But certainly, this technology will present a decade earlier than previously thought,” Anthony beber.

Google still needs to prove mathematically that the matter through this technology is safe and less risky than human behavior. However, Google claims the technology “self-driving” can finish the track testing on the road a few seconds faster than humans.

When tested, Google is applying this technology in the Toyota Prius and equip it with a variety of sensors and cameras around the car. Looking ahead, Google intends to establish a collaboration with one of the principal to create a tech car group “self-driving”.

“We do not want to produce cars. That’s not our goal. We are looking for partners to work together,” explained Anthony is admitted, Google is discussing the application of this technology with several car manufacturers.

1.6 million km

“All options are open. Among others, providing technology, licensed to manufacturers of components of tier 1, tier 2, creating a car together or anything. We’re still talking to some car manufacturers to determine the extent to which they are interested in working with us,” said Anthony.

Google currently has 10 cars with the technology “Self-Driving” and has been exploring up to 250,000 miles (402 336 km). To further ensure safety, Google plans to test up to one million miles or 1.6 million kilometers.

Autonomous Car (Cars Without Drivers) – It’s not mystical or magic story! But the results of technological advances developed by humans. VW Passat is not only driving himself, can talk and see.

(Apparently, the car that became the main character in the television series Knight Rider movie in the mid-1980s, which was named “Kitt” or Knight Industries Two Thousand. The latest version of Knight Rider made in 2008 continue to be the Knight Industries Three Thousand).

Release issued by the Freie Universität Berlin, which makes this scientific project, which is used VW Passat drove 80 km without driver around the city center of Berlin. Hence, this project is called “Car Automomous Navigates the Street of Berlin”. The goal, to raise the prestige “MadeInGermany”.

Explained, a self-driving car (autonomous car) is, piloted by computer. The car used was a modified VW Passat standards to “drive by wire”. If there are people behind the wheel, just as a safety. His job, to monitor the movements of a car or take over driving duties when the system is problematic.

Computer directly govern or regulate the movement of the accelerator, brake and steering wheel. Various sensors incorporated in a car chassis that gives the information of all cars and people who are on the road. In this way allows the car to avoid obstacles or adjusting the speed or lanes if necessary. Trial conducted in the area of ​​20 km in front of and behind the building the International Congress Centre and the Brandenburg Gate, the four rounds without a crash.

Laser Scanner

Computer work based on the diporoleh inforasi of electronic devices are included, a very accurate GPS navigation, plus a camera in front of the scanner (scanner) on the roof, side and front-rear bumper.

“This car can know its position, conditions on surrounding areas, including pedestrians, buildings and trees within a radius of 70 meters. It could even detect the traffic lights and responding well. Speed ​​of reaction of this technology exceeds the average response of humans,” explains prof. Researchers Group Leader Raul Rojas special project called Autonomos Labs. Research that has been running 4 years and spent about 400,000 Euros, or about 5 billion more.

“This is a new research trend, computer control or drive a car. The same study also was conducted in several countries. While the same concept but has been applied by the manufacturer but with a smaller-scale parking assist or emergency brake (emergency brake),” commented Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, Professor of Automotive Economics University of Duisburg-Essen, quoted by the Associated Press about this project.

In Berlin, scientists get permission from local governments to use public roads to perform self-test. Other road users even helped.

Reduce Accidents

Initially, according to Rojas, the problem that arises is how a robot driving a rather stiff and awkward. However, after further development, is now his driving style is more flexible as a human being.

Had also raised concerns as proposed Dudenhoeffer, “Who is responsible if an accident? Is the owner of the car, the passenger who was controlling the control computer or the company producing the technology?”

But someday, he added, the ability to drive a car computer can be more secure than with humans. Because the program is made in accordance with the rules and vehicle capabilities. Today, the accident occurred due to negligence generally makes a man.

Meanwhile, Prof. Raul Rojas added, self-driving vehicles now can be used on private roads and the technology is considered mature enough. But for the public streets still need 10 to 15 years.

He added, this auto car navigation for public roads still require additional technology development. The goal is that the car is completely safe. In addition it should be made standard, self-driving cars should be more stringent than men.

“Once finished, this car will be safer than the cars driven by humans. It is just matter of time, “he said! Hence, AutoNOMOS labs soon hold the same trial but lasted a full auto and be realized between cities in Europe.

Car With Nuclear Power – The more the lack of fossil energy sources, making the car manufacturers competed to offer new energy. In addition to electricity, fuel cells and hydrogen, the scientists also try nuclear power.

Nuclear technology was not new in the automotive industry. Even General Motors Cadillac ever showcase concepts with technology “World Thorium Fuel Concept” at the Chicago Auto Show 2009. But, because the less popular, the technology is sinking.

Now, scientists from research firm Laser Power System in Sturbridge, the United States is researching new turbine technology-driven laser from thorium compounds. Thorium is an iron compound with the content of mid-level radioactive atom weighs 90 and dinilaitak harmful to humans in small quantities.

Thorium is used lasers produce heat, the turbine and turn a generator for producing electricity. Energy that is the source of an electric motor driving the car. So that low-level radioactive substances contained in the Thorium was released into the air, given a system of aluminum layer.

Scientist at Laser Power Systems said, 8gram Thorium is used in every car can be used to drive with mileage 300,000 Miles or 482,803.2 miles.

Ford ECOnetic Technology – Having a hybrid car is the dream of most people. In particular, they are more often pacing around the city with high levels of congestion. May be because the fuel consumption is an economical car. The obstacles, great price. That is one of the factors that cause consumers still choose the car with oil-fueled engines.

To reduce the gap, try to provide solutions with the Ford ECOnetic technology is applied to the Focus and Fiesta. For a while, new technology could dinimkati European consumers in 2013.

ECOnetic engine consists of a 1.6-liter variant with two options, with a turbocharged petrol and TDCi (diesel). There is also a 1.0-liter engine, 3-cylinder turbo fitted.
Last engine fuel consumption dikalim 29-30 km / liter carbon dioxide emissions by 89-87 g / km, lower than the Prius, 100 g / km.

“Focus and Fiesta ECOnetic is the right choice for those who mengutama fuel efficiency still pretty rushed. The combination of these two aspects are still hard to come by in recent years, “Dr beber. Thilo Seiber, Ford Europe’s Manager of Sustainability and Electrification Strategy.

This is the secret ECOnetic technology with auto start / stop, “smart” regenerative charging, active shutter grill and ECOmode.

Temporary Auto Pilot, Driving Without a Hand in the Wheel – Traffic jams are getting worse causing the driver often so cranky. Because the situation facing always the same or monotonous. If left unchecked, let alone stress is also higher, potentially causing an accident!

The condition is exactly what is anticipated the automotive experts and European car manufacturers. In cooperation with HAVEit ((Highly Automated Vehicles for Intelligent Transport), research institute funded by the European Union, is developing a system called “Temporary Auto Pilot” (TAP). Yes, a car drove by the driver do not need to hold or control the steering wheel! Nevertheless , the driver is still expected to pay attention to conditions in the vicinity, especially at the front and side of his car.
According to Prof.. Dr. Jürgen Leohold, Executive Director of Volkswagen Group Research (one of the cars that participated in the development), TAP is actually directed to prevent boredom driver, either while it is facing severe congestion as well as when cruising down the interstate.
With TAP, cars that use it will follow a vehicle that slid in front of him. Including accelerating rate, deceleration (slowing down) when it will turn and so on. Further, this tool can work up to a speed of 130 km / hour.
Actually, this concept is not new. Previously existing tool to control the speed of the car called the cruise control (moving at constant speed) or a more sophisticated adaptive cruise control. The latest version, it can set the speed, fast or slow based on the vehicle in front.
But TAP, according to Prof.. Dr. Jürgen Leohold, TAP is a tool for the transition towards fully automatic driving system. The system is a combination of Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist.
By activating the “Pilot Mode”, the car will go to a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Admittedly, the system is not perfect, but it is expected to reduce accidents.
The advantage, compared with an automatic driver system developed by Google and Audi – monitoring components are used, the sensors are mass produced. Distance and environmental monitoring components used include cameras, ultrasonic sensors, lasers for switching and electronic horizon. With this addition, TAP can be used Leohold sure in the near future!
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