Meaning of the Code on The Tire – When you want to buy a car tire, the tire builders call ring and how wide? In fact, in the tire wall, especially the outside, a lot of text or code. All that means, more precisely the identity of the circular rubber itself.

The danger, you do not know what year the tire was manufactured. In fact, written on the side edges. Including the maximum allowed speed limit. There are many other codes, let’s see below.

1. 215/50 ZR17 95W

Numbers and letters indicating the profile and the speed allowed. 215 = width of tire tread that sticks to the road surface, calculated from the end of both sides. 50 = height of the wall of the tire (usually there are 45, 55, 60 and 70). If the calculation of a millimeter, 50 had a percentage of the tire tread. so, 50% x 215 result (rounded) 106 mm. The ZR17 indicates the rim diameter wheels alias. Popularly called the ring 17. 95W = the index figure as the maximum weight that can be carried by the tire, while W indicates the maximum speed limit of 270 km / h is allowed. Then other code, S = 180 km / h, M = 130 km / h, N = 140 km / h, P = 150 km / h, Q = 160 km / h, R = 170 km / h, S = 180 km / h, V = 240 km / h, T = 190 km / h, U = 200 km / h, and H = 210 km / h.

2. Manufactured and Brand

Tire manufacturer and product name

3. Made in (Indonesia) and SNI (Indonesia)

State and tire maker had crossed the line defined standardization in their own country.

4. Triangle logo or TWI (Tread Wear Indication)

Limit the use of tires. Usually if it continued to draw a line in the direction of the tire tread, then there will be other signs, a bar that connects antarkembang tires. When it is interconnected, means the tire was considered bald and should be quickly replaced.

5. Ban blends

For example, Plies: 2 Polyester Tread 2 DSteel I Nylon, Polyester sidewall 2 could indicate that the site consists of two polyester, 2 steel and one nylon, while the tire wall is only 2 polyester.

6. Production Date
Date of manufacture is printed in an oval or elliptical. A total of last 4 digits in the field that indicates the tire is produced with the details, two points last year and 2 digit production early (in front) how many weeks (one year).

7. E Mark

On some tires, this sign shows in which countries can be accepted. Such as E1 can be accepted in German, French E2, E3 in Italy, the Netherlands or E4.

8. Compound Tires

To ban any type of compound it, the SS (super soft), S (soft), M (medium), MH (medium hard), and H (hard). S compound tires with more grip on the asphalt, but wear out faster. Especially how to drive a relatively rough.

The 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show  (19 – 28 November 2011) – The biggest automotive exhibition in the west coast of America “Los Angeles Auto Show,” which was held 19 to 28 November 2011 will be a glance the car industry in the world. Because, 30 new vehicles and concepts premiering in The 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show..

Ford, for example, has confirmed that it will display three models, followed by General Motors is preparing two products, Fiat, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Volkswagen each one. Hyundai Elantra Coupe also ensure that display and the Azera. Then, there are models of Infiniti’s newest seven-passenger Crossover JX, followed a few other brands in the premium segment such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Lincoln.

Not to forget, Audi and BMW displays two electric cars and i8 I3 concept. Mazda shows CX-5 is equipped with new technology engines SKYACTIV and Volvo also wants to show new concept car.

“The message is very clearly earned this year. The auto industry got a lot of positive momentum this year and the 2011 LA Auto Show to be very important for the manufacturers to introduce innovations and new products,” beber Andy Fuzesi, General Manager of LA Auto Show as reported autoevolution

The Car Market in U.S. Predicted to Rise – U.S. car market is expected to rise in June 2011 after the drop deep enough in the previous month. Similarly, estimates by industry observers. Boosted domestic sales 12 percent over the same period a year ago and up 4 percent from the previous month.

Researchers from and said, annual sales estimated to reach 12 million units, slightly higher than 2010 which recorded 11.1 million units.
Of these, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen AG, the manufacturer of the host and a solid profit. While the two Japanese giants, Toyota and Honda continue to struggle to cover the shortfall caused by the earthquake and disaster, 11 March. And for the American market alone, the disaster in Japan was making its market share in 2011 was down 3.7 percent.
“Evidence suggests that the main factor behind the decline in sales in May and June because of supply constraints, which are mostly from Japan,” said Geprge Pipas, sales analyst at Ford Motor Co..
Hyundai and its affiliate, Kia looks to reap the benefits and disadvantages. Both manufacturers have increased to 40 percent over the previous year. These conditions make the Korean manufacturer is located in front of the Nissan and Chrysler Group LLC.
While Earl Stewart, owner of Earl Stewart Toyota in North Palm Beach, Fla., said it could not sell the unit and you can install the skating rink in my showroom. This June, we only sell 12 units of the Prius hybrid, whereas in March can reach 88 units.
For domestic manufacturers, Ford, GM, and Chrysler which when combined can be controlled over 50 percent market share. Chrysler, in particular, in the sixth month sales rose high enough to 30 percent (compared to last year) with the flagship model Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango.

5 Most Secure Car in Europe – For those of you who are concerned with the safety factor in choosing a car, maybe the test results European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) – Institute for Occupational Safety Car in Europe – could be a reference. There are five new cars that have been and will be marketed in Europe received five stars from NCAP safety. Fifth CT 200h Lexus vehicles, the Volvo V60 wagon, Ford Focus, Nissan LEAF, DS4 Citroen and Peugeot 508.

Of the five cars, two of which are environmentally friendly vehicles that have a safety level equivalent to a car “normal”. Such as CT Lexus 200h (hybrid) is labeled “stable” for the driver and passengers when a collision from the front. Although the gas pedal pushed in up to 56 millimeters, but the hips, thighs, knees, and feet escaped injury.

Electrical safety features like stability control activation could affect up to 86 percent, while the safety of pedestrians who hit only 55 percent. Safety for children is also high, providing protection to the head, including the movement when the collision occurred. Positive results obtained from tests on children aged 18 months to three years. If on average, safety-owned Lexus for adults assessed up to 94 percent and 84 percent of children.

One again, an electric-powered Nissan LEAF able to achieve a predicate safest in Europe. From the test results, result in value 83 percent for children’s safety. Although there were some movements in the cabin (when hit) enter the gas pedal 72 mm, a supporting pillar windshield also bent 21 mm. For adult passengers are given safety level reached 89 percent, 65 percent of pedestrian safety (pedestrian) and car safety features up to 84 percent.

Car tax is a tax that must be paid by car owners over ownership of a car. The tax is paid to the state, as the authorities that raise state revenue over the ownership of objects that use public facilities. Cars are taxed for using facilities such as roads.

Car tax varies according to price and grade. The more expensive the price of a car (expensive cars), the tax payable by the owner of the car will feel more expensive, especially if calculated based on percentages. Luxury car tax would have a greater than cheaper cars. The amount of taxes in each country vary, depending on government policy-enter the respective countries. To be sure, in all the country, car tax applies.