BMW Components That Have Been Forged – BMW Group across the country are doing research and the search for the type of goods that are being counterfeited and already on the market. Some parts are already withdrawn from the market and destroyed. Even some factories that make even been ‘raided’ by law enforcement and discontinued operations and processed through legal channels.
BMW Indonesia, today 19 September by the “Brand Protection Program” issued lists of components and accessories that have been forged.
Fast moving components that have been forged among others: 1. Air Filter 2. Gasoline filter 3. Oil Filter 4. Busi 5. Brake pad 6. Disc 7. Fan clutch 8. roof antenna
Accessories false: 1. Headlights 2. 3 rear lights. Carpet 4. Shift knob 5. Rims 6. 7 bottles of lubricant. gril
Merchandising and Lifestyle false: 1. T-Shirt 2. 3 watches. Close the mobile telephone 4. keychains

BMW Electrical i3 and i8 Sport Hybrids Plug-ins – A week ago, Friday, July 29, 2011, BMW showed directly the two figures to be production cars in 2013 and 2014 to the public in Frankfurt, Germany. Both are BMW I3 and i8 is still called a concept and will be a sub-brand new BMW.

When introducing two cars, the chairman of BMW AG, Norbert Reithofer said, “We made a new step in the history of the BMW Group. As Chairman and an engineer, I am proud of this project. “

One aspect that BMW boss proud of the product to be manufactured is a materials technology for the body. It is said, this is the first mass production car, its body is made is made of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) body weight could be lowered so that the start 250 kg to 350 kg. Both cars will be made at a new factory BMW, Leipzig, Germany.

In City

BMW I3 and i8 are two different products in the technology. Especially the main driving force. BMW i3 is a compact city car is designed as a car that many operate in the city. Its size, together with the Honda Jazz or Toyota Yaris.

This car is just relying on batteries as an energy source to drive. Fully charged battery mileage, 150 miles. Used as a driver of an electric motor that can produce 125 kW and torque of 20 Nm.

Architect concept car is called the LifeDrive with body cells that protect the passengers from the carbon (CFRP). With this material also, the level of passenger and driver safety in the cell body remains secured. Another advantage of this small car, luggage volume of 200 liters. While the total car dimensions: length 3845 mm, height 1537 mm, 2011 mm Lear and wheelbase 2570 mm, only 1250 kg.

“This is the first mass production car made from carbon. So the revolution in automotive design, “said Klaus Draeger, BMW board member responsible for introducing the current development of this car.

The ability of this car doing 0 -100 kph sprint in 8 seconds. While lithium-ion batteries can be charged up to 80 percent in one hour.

Sports Cars

“The concept of BMW i8, a new generation of sports cars,” claims about the BMW car plug-in hybrid two-door. This car uses two sources of power and propulsion. That’s why BMW calls Range Extender (Rex) because it can be used to cover longer distances. If you just rely on energy from the battery, can only be used for a distance of 35 km and assessed BMW enough for everyday purposes.

If only the road slowly, simply use the power of turning the motor on the front axle. If you want to accelerate, the gasoline engine turns on automatically. Ability to sprint 0-100 kph, 5 seconds.

No less seductive, fuel consumption is 3 liters for 100 km, aka 33 km per liter. Total second power source to produce power 260 kW and 550 Nm of torque.

3-cylinder gasoline engine 1.5-liter produces 164 kW power and 300 Nm of torque. While the electric motor 96kW and 250 Nm of torque. Ability encouraged discharged, 250 km / h (limited).

“I8 Concept is a sports car for a new generation,” said Draeger about cars i8 dimension: length 4.632, width 1955 mm, height 1280 mm and wheelbase 2800 mm and can carry passengers 2 +2. Because of the gasoline engine, weighs more weight of i8 I3 approximately 200kg, which is 1480 kg.

There are several features that are included on the All-New X3 is a very helpful and allows drivers to operate this SUV. Also the more luxurious interior and a more cheerful color display or “alive”. For example, the xDrive35i, red-brown leather interior (red brown). While diesel beige (chocolate milk).

BMW says this new change makes room for driver and rear passenger relieved. The back seat – middle that can be folded – can also be used to put the needs of the journey, for example minimunan and so forth.
Two units are tested first xDrive35i and xDrive20d Business.Versi very full and luxurious. The roof is not only equipped with roof rails, as well as glass that can be opened (shifted) so that the passengers and the driver immediately enjoy the fresh air outside the car.
This glass roof can be closed, if the passenger or the driver is not exposed to the scorching sun. To mengoperasikancukup by pressing the button located at the front of the ceiling.
To infotaiment and communication, xDrive35i is also more complete than xDrive20 Business. In this version, a Bluetooth connection to work effectively when linked with Android smartphone and iPod Touch, including to play songs. While Bluetooth for phone, the speaker voice sounded very clear.
BMW seems to have prepared a place for the phone again gadjet and trends in the world, namely the iPod and iPhone. Center console, fit for both the Apple product.
Special diesel version, Xdrive20d, specialized version of the Business, the connection only Bluetooth connection facility of communication. This version is not equipped with roof rails and glass roof. But for the xDrive Executive, completeness and feature the same with xDdrive35i. For entertainment, VBMW only put 6 speakers. As for the Executive variants, such as Xdrive35i, using 12 speakers.
New features and very functional to improve the efficiency of fuel consumption is “the Start-Stop” which works automatically. When the speed above 10 km / h and then the car stopped, in a few seconds the engine will die otomatis.Pada instrument panel indicators are shown, dead engine condition.
For the machine back to life, simply by pressing the gas pedal. This is the first automatic transmission in combination with the Start-Stop system. Even so the system can also be dinonaktif by pressing the button on the side.
Do not worry about the battery runs out or the AC was not functioning when the engine died. So, the temperature increases and energy reserves of the battery down, automatic machines turned on again. In addition, bisal speed is always below 10 km / h, the system does not work (very helpful on a very bad traffic, such as Jakarta).
Explained well, actually X3 already using the mild hybrid system. When the brake is operated, the energy is converted into electricity stored in batteries.
Using a 6-cylinder gasoline engine capable of producing power and torque 306 rpm PS@5.800 Nm@1.200 400 – 5000 rpm. Using direct injection technology with Valvetronic valve.
This version is perfect for those who like speeding because of the steady pull of the machine! While xDrive20d, the choice for those considering an economical operating costs (for companies).
Features that really helps is the electric parking brake (activated and released by pressing the button) “Auto Hold” to prevent the car moving when stopped (including flights).

Newer BMW Station Wagon
The first picture shows the BMW Alpina Touring BT5 by Autocar. Station wagon model, it fills the German carmaker’s booth at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. When entering mass production, this Touring BT5 reportedly entered the family-5 series as the hottest. While BMW M division confirmed, there will be no version of the station for the fall.

Practically hottest model because of the crumpled hood behind a heart pacemaker fitted with a capacity of 4.4 liters turbo-double with maximum power of 500 BHP. The maximum speed reached 280 km per hour and acceleration 0-100 km only takes 4.8 seconds.

Not only that. Later, a variety of customized options are offered, including limited-slip differential (LSD).

At the Geneva Motor Show which opens next week, BMW Group will present a premium small car concept, the Mini, which was named Rocketman. Mini concept presented by mating elements of a classic Mini with the latest technology and design trends of today and future.

All that can be seen from the appearance of the car intact. A new concept in exterior design are expected to give new breath to the Mini which is targeted to be part of the lifestyle of people in major cities in the future.

For the interior, the Mini calls its new configuration with 3 + 1. The Plump whose length is only 3.419 meters, was designed with three doors, two on the side and one behind. The back door, unique design, consisting of two parts, a wider opening to the top and a small section (below) stuck out.

No less interesting is the concept of opening a side door with two hinges at the front. By nini, doors could open wider, easier passenger and the driver went into the interior.

Another new technology is a space frame construction of carbon that can be seen directly from outside the car, especially from the front. With this addition the weight of the car so light. Mini target, fuel consumption is only 3 liters for 100 km or 33 km / liter. Great!

Appearance of this little more stylish and sporty 18-inch wheels plus a large round headlights, a classic feature of a typical Mini-uniting all major lamps and sein. Chromed grille around to reinforce the impression of the Mini is exclusive.

Behind., All the lights are also incorporated, ie brakes, sein, and rewind using LED technology. The most interesting of all is the transparent roof that can generate light to form the British flag, Union Jack.

3D Graphics
Interior, seats are designed with the settings for a couple of positions. The goal is that the owner can get a comfort when a car carrying two or three or up to four people. Leather interior plus a combination of certain surfaces with glossy paint with the back of the hand with a strip of special paper. Features teknolologi interesting today is the trackball on the steering wheel, speedometer with 3D graphics effects.