Best Car for Young People – What and how the car the best and most suitable for young people? Should it be a sports car that has power and high speed? The latest cars or cars with expensive price? Apparently not. The car is good and suitable for young people, depending on the style and character of each. Young people in an age now, free to choose. Could be on the latest style, or try the old style with a classic car. Just when people are young age, or teenagers, one must begin to define his character. Showing the style you want to display, not be carried away by the influence of others, or people who are old.

So, the best cars for young people, is a car that matches the personal character of each. If you generally have self-image as someone who always wanted to come up with anything new, then you use the latest car output or production, to strengthen your image is. Conversely, if you present yourself as someone who likes to things that are classic, then you can choose cars or old production output. And so on.

Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) 2011 – Of the hundreds of car models displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Germany, it turns out BMW-5 series and the Citroen DS3 most desirable women. Inevitably, both crowned as the Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY) 2011 through the results of voting by 14 automotive journalists and judges who work and come from 8 countries.

Both cars are selected after meeting the 10 criteria are determined women. In the assessment of preferred instead of speed, torque, and acceleration, but it includes child-friendly, security, an aura of sex (sex appeal), economic value, aesthetics, color, easy to drive, storage space and good environmental footprint.

Well, DS3 Citroen car won the title as the most economical car to outperform the MINI One Diesel, while the BMW 5 Series Jaguar XJ beat in the luxury car segment WWCOTY version.

Another category, the Volvo S60 was named the best family car on the Kia Sportage, Aston Martin Rapide won best sports cars from Audi TT superior. While the most environmentally friendly cars won the Audi A1 beat Honda CR-Z.

“This award is unique for the world and continues to gain recognition. We started this election since 2009 and this reflects the importance of point of view of women in the automotive industry,” said Chairman of the Jury WWCOTY Sanfy Myhre, its official site.

Grant Thornton – the institution which appointed auditor calculates the results of voting – to declare, from any category can be determined the winner. But from the overall value, with Citroen BMW 5 Series DS3 is far superior. “Each jury judge based on their respective expertise and certainly no engineering here. But, this shows one of the characteristics of democracy and the voting system (which allows any two winners),” beber Paul McCormick, Director of Grant Thornton.

Meanwhile, Sanfy Myhre from New Zealand added that next year there will be an additional two seats judges, including journalists, Australia. Although not specifically explained why the two main car that was selected to be the best, but the view from her point of view, there is something in it. Agree?!

The best family car is a car suitable for families, able to facilitate family members. The best family car should not be the most expensive cars and do not have a limited edition car, but the best family car is a good comfortable car to drive the entire family and has an affordable price.

In addition, the best family car must also be accompanied driving safety. Having a lot of benches or chairs and fitted luggage that can be used to store items that quite a lot when traveling such as vacations and so on.
Currently, there are many choices of the best family cars you can choose and buy. Various brands and car produses specifically provides many types of family cars. Each offers a different quality and price, so depending on you to decide which one fits.

Which Car? This is an easy question to answer, although for some people it could be ‘the which car’ is a difficult question. It depends on how you look and find the answer. Because, the tendency of people today are confused by the many products and brands of cars continues to grow and more and more lately.
To answer ‘Which Car‘ – I suggest you think and use clear and wise perspective. That is, you have to go back on the goals and needs. Why would you buy a car, and what car you need. You must first answer two questions, before you answer the question “which car?” – Yes, I think it will make you will be easier in your choices. Apart from two initial questions, you also must be considerate of your financial condition.

Best car deals you can get both online and in offline. Provided that you must be diligent in following the development of information, whether that is news and advertising offerings. In addition, you also must be smart in selecting and sorting out the various deals on the best car you get. Because, among the good there must be the best. Best Car Deals this is what you should get.
At first glance, to get the best car deals is quite easy. But in practice, tend not easy, especially when it comes to interest, finance, personal outlook, the demands of other parties and other conditions that affect your decision. Thus, the most important is the return on your needs and your goals. So you can think clearly and make informed decisions, when faced with the best car deals.