Audi R8 Spyder GT kabriolet model. This supercar sedan weighs lighter and stronger than the normal version of the R8 V10. Sedan supercars are conducting road tests in Germany. It is reported that the Audi R8 GT Spyder carrying 5.2 Liter FSI V10 engine as the R8 GT Coupe has 552 HP power, rose 34 HP from the standard engine with a torque of 539 Nm (higher 9 Nm). With this improvement is expected when acceleration 0-100 km per hour can be reached 4 seconds.

Audi R8 GT Spyder heavy weights close to the standard V10 coupe 1620 kg. Transmission is still the same with other models, which use the R-Tronic dual clutch that has lighter weight and higher performance capabilities.
Other changes, the ability of suspension be increased to cope with a large force for comfort and stability control remains high. Another part relates to the legs also improved although not described in more detail.
Audi R8 Spyder GT is said will meet the 333 showrooms in foreign countries in early 2012. Sheath marks the launch will take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show next September, and the view performed at prestigious events of Le Mans endurance race, this June.

Audi reportedly will soon launch its newest product, Audi RS6, faster than the planned schedule. Previously, SR6 is planned to be launched in 2012, but as an effort in anticipation of competition, the plan was accelerated, Audi RS6 will be launched in mid-2011.

Of course this will be news that is not good for BMW. Because the strength of machine M5 Ingoldstat on its products will be launched slower than the RS6 Bavarian machine that within the next few months will soon be launched.

Detailed information about the specification of Audi RS6 has not been disclosed by Audi. But some say that information will be paired several potential powerplant placed under the hood.

For the body on this car, still will have the characteristics of the typical-an Audi on the configuration and aesthetics

Audi Bulletproof Car
Audi, one of the German premium car manufacturer who successfully gain a global sales growth last year, announced it would launch a special edition A8 “high-security”. Typical specifications, Audi flagship named A8 L Security, incredible – not only from the security and safety features – also the engine. Even, infotainment and telecommunication systems, the version of the top of the latest technology.