Car Factories of Toyota, Nissan and Honda Starts Operation

The car manufacturer in Japan to operate its factories back. Initiated by Toyota, next week, followed by Nissan this month also, then most of the Honda factories in northern Japan, where it has been hit by magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami wave height of 10 meters.

Toyota Motor Corp. (TMC) announced that its subsidiary Central Motor Co. located du Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo is ready to produce two models, the Corolla Axio and minivans Raum starting Monday. Toyota also will assemble five models in Japan, the Prius hybrid car, Lexus and Lexus HS250h CT200h.

The number above is still far from total model Toyota’s Lexus plus 70 variants and manufactured in 18 factories in Japan.

Besides Toyota, Nissan plans to activate all five plants in the country Sakura middle of this month. Honda currently run two assembly plants, Monday.

Earthquakes and hurricanes that hit the Japanese had disrupted the production of all car manufacturers. Because, some 500 component manufacturer located in Northern Japan hit by storm and earthquake. As a result, the Japanese lost 260,000 units of car production (from March 11 till now) or 8 percent of the target of 3.10 million until December 2011.

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