Car factories of Toyota, Honda and Nissan Damaged due to Quake and Tsunami

The earthquake that triggered the tsunami struck Sendai, Japan East, made three automakers: Toyota Motor Corporation, Honda Motor Company, Nissan Motor Company and adversely affected. All production activities in the three producers are forced to stop completely.

A spokesman for Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), says, Toyota halted production of all activities in Miyagi Prefecture, starting today. The capacity of this plant to reach 120,000 units per year and the Toyota Yaris hatchback is producing. These conditions make direct TMC stop the export activity of the Yaris, Scion XB, and the Scion XD to the United States.

Toyota continued to evacuate employees in the plant affected by the earthquake, including corporate partners, Kanto Auto Works Limited and Central Motors Company. “Until now the situation is still volatile and we are still collecting the latest information,” said Dion Corbett as reported by autonews, today.

TMC addition, several automotive component suppliers, including Toyota Boshoku Corporation and Denso Corporation (the largest automotive component manufacturer in Japan) is also doing the same thing. Kanemasu Goro, a spokesman for Denso Corporation, Japan said the factory which is still under construction south of Miyagi was damaged. However, all plant employees had evacuated to a safe location.

Meanwhile, a male and female employees of Honda Motor Company reported killed in factory Tochigi, Kanto region, near Utsunomiya. Factory activity is stopped. There Honda produces batteries for hybrid cars and is a center for research and development. The Nissan Motor Company is still collecting damage data.

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