BMW Components That Have Been Forged

BMW Components That Have Been Forged – BMW Group across the country are doing research and the search for the type of goods that are being counterfeited and already on the market. Some parts are already withdrawn from the market and destroyed. Even some factories that make even been ‘raided’ by law enforcement and discontinued operations and processed through legal channels.
BMW Indonesia, today 19 September by the “Brand Protection Program” issued lists of components and accessories that have been forged.
Fast moving components that have been forged among others: 1. Air Filter 2. Gasoline filter 3. Oil Filter 4. Busi 5. Brake pad 6. Disc 7. Fan clutch 8. roof antenna
Accessories false: 1. Headlights 2. 3 rear lights. Carpet 4. Shift knob 5. Rims 6. 7 bottles of lubricant. gril
Merchandising and Lifestyle false: 1. T-Shirt 2. 3 watches. Close the mobile telephone 4. keychains
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