Bird Droppings Stains on Car Paint

Bird Droppings Stains on Car Paint. The dry season generally presents a dilemma situation for owners of four-wheeled vehicles. Parking in direct sun makes the interior temperature of the heat, while if under shady trees, we worry about broken paint exposed to bird droppings.

It has long been believed, the acid contained in bird droppings can cause severe damage to the vehicle paint surface. But a study conducted by AutoGlym in Britain revealed that the actual paint damage was not caused by bird droppings directly. He has only a small part of a problem.
The real party should be responsible is sunshine. Radiation emitted light to make the paint with heat and expands bird droppings. Sunlight also makes bird droppings to harden when it dries.
When the sun goes down, the vehicle paint surface cools and shrinks, it becomes ex-hard bird droppings around lost due to the difference in character between the paint and bird droppings when shrunk due to cooling process.
Therefore, when the bird was doing ‘his bisnis’ on your vehicle, things to do is to immediately clean up the dung. Wet cloth is a powerful weapon to help do just that.
To avoid it you should protect your car with a special cover car (car cover) in the shade. Because the car cover can also cause other problems if used to cover a vehicle that was bronzed sun.
The pattern of braided fiber cloth car cover material attached to the vehicle body can be ‘printed’ on the paint that expands and becomes soft due to heat. When it became cold pattern will be difficult to remove because it turned into a permanent
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