Automotive Production in Japan Stopped, Due to Earthquake and Tsunami

8.9 Richter scale earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on Friday, March 11 last, have directly affected the automotive industry in Japan. Two automotive industry is experiencing the greatest impact of this disaster is the Nissan and Toyota Motor.

Nissan, the second largest car manufacturer in Japan called more than 2,300 units of new vehicles damaged by the brunt of the tsunami waves. A spokesman for Nissan, Sadayuki Hamaguchi mention four factories and two office was slightly damaged.

Until now Sayudaki claimed have not been able to contact several dealers in northern Japan. About 1,300 units of vehicles were severely damaged. When the earthquake and tsunami that struck a thousand more vehicles are on the Port of Hitachi waiting to be exported to the United States.

In addition to Nissan, Toyota Motor will also stop production at 12 factories in Japan. Toyota spokeswoman Shiori Hashimoto said Motor reopening of the plant will be decided on 14 March. “The company will ensure first the safety of all employees prior to start production again on the next day,” he said.

Similarly, Toyota Motor, Honda Motor Co. also will stop production at factories located in Sayama, Mouka, Hamamatsu, and Suzuka.

In addition to the automotive industry, computer software company and Toshiba also make sure to close the factory in the northern part of Iwate and evacuating employees. Still, Toshiba spokesman Keisuke Ohmori said today by telephone call there was no damage reported at Iwate Toshiba Electronics factory which produces logic chips and CMOS image sensors for camera phones.

Companies other major memory chip makers in Japan’s Elpida Memory Inc., according to Chief Executive Officer Yukio Sakamoto via email kepad Bloomberg News said the company did not experience severe problems. “We’re just the middle of checking the availability of materials,” he said.

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