Drag racing on ice or salt desert with a round-wheeled car has ever attempted. Well, what if a snowmobile is applied in a straight race? Paul Groth, Jim and Bernie […]

Russia is now a target market of car manufacturers. One of them, the French carmaker, PSA Peugeot Citroen states will assemble four products, namely Peugeot 308, Peugeot 4007, Citroen C4 […]

Seeing his old man you would think this car would be ‘struggling’ if asked to run. And behind the parent body, the 1980 Corolla TE71 alert has crazy power from […]

Beginning next year, Toyota Prius adds a new variant that has been intensively introduced since 2009, the version Plug-ins or plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV). Already many know, the Prius PHV […]

Gokart engines can not only be made by a team of professional racing course, academics can make it. Like the students at the Tarumanagara University (Untar). Mechanical Engineering Students Association […]

With a small engine VTEC his 1,500 cc Honda Jazz had enough fuel efficient. But Honda wants more. Honda also introduced the Honda Jazz is equipped with an electric motor. […]

Today many manufacturers competing to make environmentally friendly cars as well as powerful. Many tried and electrical machinery machines widely regarded as the kitchen spur future. But for Volvo, there […]

Ferrari is often deliver cars to customers the world’s mainstay. Starting from Enzo to California. Now, for better feel the repercussions, Ferrari plans to build special cars for Japanese consumers. […]