5 Most Secure Car in Europe

5 Most Secure Car in Europe – For those of you who are concerned with the safety factor in choosing a car, maybe the test results European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) – Institute for Occupational Safety Car in Europe – could be a reference. There are five new cars that have been and will be marketed in Europe received five stars from NCAP safety. Fifth CT 200h Lexus vehicles, the Volvo V60 wagon, Ford Focus, Nissan LEAF, DS4 Citroen and Peugeot 508.

Of the five cars, two of which are environmentally friendly vehicles that have a safety level equivalent to a car “normal”. Such as CT Lexus 200h (hybrid) is labeled “stable” for the driver and passengers when a collision from the front. Although the gas pedal pushed in up to 56 millimeters, but the hips, thighs, knees, and feet escaped injury.

Electrical safety features like stability control activation could affect up to 86 percent, while the safety of pedestrians who hit only 55 percent. Safety for children is also high, providing protection to the head, including the movement when the collision occurred. Positive results obtained from tests on children aged 18 months to three years. If on average, safety-owned Lexus for adults assessed up to 94 percent and 84 percent of children.

One again, an electric-powered Nissan LEAF able to achieve a predicate safest in Europe. From the test results, result in value 83 percent for children’s safety. Although there were some movements in the cabin (when hit) enter the gas pedal 72 mm, a supporting pillar windshield also bent 21 mm. For adult passengers are given safety level reached 89 percent, 65 percent of pedestrian safety (pedestrian) and car safety features up to 84 percent.

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