2012 Hybrid Toyota Equipped Telematic Software

Toyota Motor Corporation immerse the latest technology, telematic software on new-made car, the Toyota Hybrid 2012. Took Microcoft, both companies are developing new applications where the energy produced comes from the Toyota Hybrid electric.

“We together with Microsoft saw the potential to develop future technology-based integrated energy management. Therefore, we are optimistic that led to the telecommunications and information technology are equipped with GPS and other multi-technology,” said Akio Toyoda, president of Toyota Motor Corporation.

The plan, in co-operation it will also invested U.S. $ 12 million to Toyota Media Service Corp.. In the car later this Hyrid telematic software supported by Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Alure.

This latest application will be to operate the data and data storage with an internet connection that relies on this plug Hybrid systems in Toyota. Going forward, Toyota and Microsoft will also bring its Smart Center. Is an on-board so that the use of more efficient technologies.

“This is a great pride in which the largest manufacturer in the world for automobiles and computer software can work together,” said Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.

It is estimated that they appear at the beginning of next year, consumers will get a program that is connected by a hybrid system that can be controlled anywhere. One of them, the driver can check the battery power by using a cell phone.

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