2011 World Car of the Year

2011 World Car of the Year Finalist
World Car of the Year 2011 – Of the many cars in the world, whether a car that deserves to be the best car? Now the title of World Car of the Year 2011 is being contested. Each year, the global automotive world choose the best cars launched throughout the year. Now, there are four categories that were contested the World Car of the Year, World Performance Car, World Green Car and World Car Design of the Year.

For the World Car of the Year, judges who is a journalist and came from different parts of the world from Asia, Europe and North America come together and determine the 39 new cars that were born around the world last year, selected 10 finalists, which then filtered back into The top three finalists.
The three finalists of the World Car of the Year, among others, Audi A8, BMW 5 Series and Nissan LEAF. To become a candidate from the World Car of the Year in 2011, the cars must be able to qualify which is available in at least two continents during the period January 1, 2010 and May 30, 2011.
Cars candidates were selected by an international jury panel, which consisted of 66 automotive journalists from 24 countries worldwide. Each juror was appointed by the World Car Steering Committee on the basis of expertise, experience, credibility, and influence. Each juror typically drive a new vehicle and evaluated regularly as part of their professional work.
In addition to World Car of the Year, all these judges also selected three top candidates for the World Performance Car 2011, filled out by the finalists namely Italian Ferrari 458, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Porsche 911 Turbo.
In this category, sports cars it should show the quality and strength and also available also at least on two continents as well as the World Car of the Year, and manufactured at least 500 units per year.
As for the category selected 2011 World Green Car BMW 320d EfficientDynamics Edition, Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF as a finalist.
And for the category of World Car Design of the Year 2011, the election is more complicated because it also includes the design experts from 5 countries, including the Masatsugu Arimoto (Japanese), Silvia Baruffaldi (Italy), Gernot Bracht (Germany), Sam Livingstone (British ) and Tom Matano (USA).
These judges then decide the three best designs of the cars are Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Aston Martin and Ferrari Italy RAPIDE 458.
The plan winners of these categories will be announced at the event New York International Auto Show held on April 21, 2011.
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