14 Signs of Car Audio Problems

Car audio system that contains electronic components and installation must undergo a process of decline in quality. In fact, it is not possible due to damage to the parts that use a less precise way to weaknesses in their own products.
There are 14 signs that can be said problems with the audio system, including the following:

1. Battery voltage drop due to water storage battery capacity decreases. Problems can also occur due to the charging terminal (ground) is loose or is less filling. As a result, electricity supplies disrupted.
2. Terminal / head causing a lack of crusty battery voltage and can make the system disrupted. In addition, the main fuse (main fuse) to melt because of the influence of the engine compartment due to the heat shield that also melted.
3. Damage to the CD player. It is characterized by the process of reading the CD a little longer, and tend to silence (or skip) before entering the tracks. The problem was triggered using the CD that its thickness does not meet standards.
4. Volume keys. Head units sometimes working, sometimes not. If so, then it is characterized by a flexible cable that broke on the inside.
5. RCA ground wires breaking inside the head unit. It makes symptoms of Storing (noise) emerged from the speakers.
6. The sound cracked (crackle-crackle) in speakers. There was dirt in between voice coil and magnet.
7. Sounds lame. Sounds more weight to one side because one of the midrange or tweeter speaker dead. Cause, solderan on the speaker connector is disconnected.
8. Speaker smoky. There is a short circuit electrical current between the speaker cable (for connection to rust) to the ground so that the voice coil heat. As we know, in case of short circuit in the speaker, this condition will affect the performance of power, even lead to malfunction if the power amplifier is not equipped with short circuit protection.
9. Damage to the tweeter. In this case, high tone gradually became clip (cracked). These problems can occur because of the weather due to the sun often highlighted. The condition can make the diaphragm tweeter become brittle.
10. Subwoofer total dead because voice coil burning due to overpower.
11. Distortion. This usually appears on the subwoofer when in unison with the bass sound. Problems arise because this one suspension subwoofer is weak or there is dirt between the voice coil and magnet.
12. Damage to the potentiometer on the power causes the voice on the speaker bias.
13. Arise voice “jedug” when the system is enabled or disabled. This happens because there is damage to the power components.
14. Because there is damage to the power, the cones on the speakers “glaring” when the system functioned. That is, the exit from power is the DC current (supposed to be AC). This is because solderan on PCB boards or can be caused by loose dirt.
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