VW Tiguan New Models – Volkswagen (VW) Tiguan leaked the new look 2012 (facelift) through its official website in German. Funnily enough, after being successfully downloaded a number of media, the images disappear from the page address (site) and show the message: 404 error message. This might be one of VW’s strategy to create consumer interest, or they do not accidentally uploaded on the official website.

The new Tiguan is a combination Passat Touareg 2012 and 2011 and it looks more slender than the previous model. The changes seen in the straight-line grille, bumper and headlights design (headlight) new.
Design changes are more fresh and pleasing to the eye to be a plus separate Tiguan 2012. But, the form and character that are too similar to the two brothers make VW difficult to catch the consumer segment. Moreover, the Tiguan is positioned as a premium SUV with a large enough market segment.

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