Volvo Hybrid Truck

Saturday, May 5th, 2012 - Volvo
Volvo Hybrid Truck – Volvo hybrid truck called Mean Green just broke the world record for the fastest truck, Wendover Airfield in Utah. By leveraging the powerful D16 engine 1900 horsepower electric motor and powerful 200-horsepower, combined reach 5000 lb-ft of torque. Mean Green is able to penetrate an average speed of 147.002 mph or 236.577 km / h.

To support the performance of the car, truck tire Mean It uses Goodyear products. The result, Goodyear tires are able to withstand the pressure and velocity are very large trucks.

Goodyear worked with Volvo on the Mean Green this development project. Marathon Long Haul Drive Tire size 495/45R22.5 able to withstand large torque and high speed.

“Mean Green get the performance and remarkable speed. Mean Green underlines the great potential of a hybrid engine in the truck,” said President of Volvo Trucks North America Ron Johan.

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