Honda Jazz Electric Version

Friday, February 11th, 2011 - Honda
With a small engine VTEC his 1,500 cc Honda Jazz had enough fuel efficient. But Honda wants more. Honda also introduced the Honda Jazz is equipped with an electric motor. His name is Honda Fit.

Honda Fit cars can drive up to 100 miles for a single battery fully charged. The battery can be full after in-charge for 12 hours for electricity 120 V and 6-hour for electricity that has a voltage of 220 Volt.

Not many changesin the body of this Fit or Jazz ,Honda changed the front grille ,and redesigned the headlamp casing to aid aerodynamic . The interior has not changed, still can accommodate 5 people.

That great anymore, the driver can see the charging status via the Web, the smart phone application or on special remode in the car. Honda Fit EV hope this will produce in 2012.

Before you bring electric version of the Honda Jazz, Honda has introduced a hybrid version of the Jazz for the Japanese market some time ago.

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