Honda Civic recall again. Honda had to pull back for repair (recall) of the Honda Civic. Affected, not just a production model 2011 with the number reaching 18 056 units have been direcall on 18 March. Including the new 2012 models are also a number of 1156 units (2012).

The trigger, found abnormalities in the fuel pump. Honda has identified, in which the o-ring (ring) on the fuel line has shifted. Repairs were made ​​immediately before the incident.
Honda of Japan said it had no information about any incident of this problem. They also do not have information about consumers who experience with the vehicle.
On 18 March, Honda also has to recall Honda Civic production of 2011 with the same number 18 056. The reason, the valve on the fuel pump made ​​of plastic are developing cracks. Perhaps, after successfully repaired, identified a shift in the o-rings in the fuel line that goes into the tank. There were two pipes are attached.
As a result of a leak is a potential fire hazard. Especially when it comes to accidents. Honda announced to the owner to bring to the shop (dealer) from 27 May to be repaired free of charge.

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