Car Discount Prices (Cash Back) : Car Sales Tactics

Sunday, February 6th, 2011 - Car Prices
There are many tactics automobile manufacturers to increase their sales, one of which is to give large discounts or cash back for every purchase of a car. But for Mitsubishi, that way they will not use. PT Krama Yudha Three Diamonds (KTB), which became the distributor of Mitsubishi cars in Indonesia consider big discounts actually only momentary advantage for consumers.

Operating Marketing Director of KTB, Eiichi Koito assume the fulfillment of consumer needs, especially in terms of network and spare part availability is more important than the large discount given.

“We will not sell our products by giving huge discounts. Our better improve after-sales service, “said Koito on the sidelines of the CSR activities of the Mitsubishi.

“With the Car Discount Prices, customers are happy. But just now only. After that the cost of spare parts and after sales service will be more expensive, “he explained.

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