Bridgestone Tires that Can be Printed

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 - Car Accessories
Bridgestone Tires that Can be Printed – This is good news for modifier or specialized graphics! Next two years, Bridgestone will manufacture tires with walls that can be printed or digrafis with various colors. The car look even more life from the bottom to the body.

The color of the car body can not be replaced just like that. If the tire can do it!, “Said Tetsuro Chiba, Manager of Planning & Corporate Brand Identity Section Managgement Department, Bridgstone Corporation, Japan. Various examples of tires that have been digrafis was shown! So is the color.

Further, the process of coloring the tire is not too difficult and similar to screen printing. Hence, berb agai mogtif or images can be “pinned” on the tire wall.

“The special is its tires. The walls must be reinforced so that it remains durable and safe while processing graphics or color. In addition, the surface can be painted and durable. It’s not manufactured. Two years from now, “said Chiba was very friendly and even offer that narrow to Tokyo Motor Show contacted and willing to provide assistance. Further, for one tire, penyablonan process takes two hours.

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