Alpina BT5 Touring, Newer BMW Station Wagon

Friday, March 11th, 2011 - BMW
Newer BMW Station Wagon
The first picture shows the BMW Alpina Touring BT5 by Autocar. Station wagon model, it fills the German carmaker’s booth at the Geneva Motor Show 2011. When entering mass production, this Touring BT5 reportedly entered the family-5 series as the hottest. While BMW M division confirmed, there will be no version of the station for the fall.

Practically hottest model because of the crumpled hood behind a heart pacemaker fitted with a capacity of 4.4 liters turbo-double with maximum power of 500 BHP. The maximum speed reached 280 km per hour and acceleration 0-100 km only takes 4.8 seconds.

Not only that. Later, a variety of customized options are offered, including limited-slip differential (LSD).

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