After Tsunami, Car Factory in Japan to Temporarily Closed

Monday, March 14th, 2011 - Car News
Mostly, the car factory in Japan to temporarily close their factories because of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan last Friday, March 11. Japan’s biggest carmaker, Toyota declared to stop production at two plants.

The two factories can produce 420 thousand cars to overseas market. The closure came after Japan’s earthquake and tsunami struck yesterday. Toyota is Japan’s largest carmaker has not decided when it will reopen two mills.

The managers and workers who are in the second Toyota plant has been evacuated. Now the status in both facilities is still unknown. Both factories are located in the prefecture of Iwate and Miyagi prefectures, which is the region worst affected by the earthquake that followed the tsunami yesterday.

Meanwhile, Nissan Motor releases have ceased production of the four factories in northern Japan, and suspend work at the center of operations. According to Nissan, the factories will remain closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The workers of the factory adjacent to the coastline had been evacuated, while workers in other factories settled in the factory. The company launched two workers at a factory located in Tochigi prefecture seriously injured in the earthquake.

Honda Motor, the number three car manufacturers in Japan, released four production plants and one plant development (research and development center) will remain closed until Sunday.

After Tsunami, Car Factory in Japan to Temporarily Closed | Berita Komunitas | 4.5